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Every since the age of eleven, I've had a deep love for history, mythology, and fantasy. I used to attend Cons before they were fashionable and I read countless novels whenever I had the tiniest ounce of free time. Whether it was writing a story or taking a photo, it was my way of showing others the magical (and sometimes downright weird) world that is inside of me. They have always been the coping skills that aided me throughout the years. They are also my way to communicate with others. Although I appear confident in person, I have a tough time explaining the thoughts and emotions stuck within my head. My creations are the feelings and ideas that I don't know how to put into words.  

My goal in creating these images, stories, creations, website, and more is to aid with depression and loneliness. I have a philosophy called BALBOMBIEL (bring a little bit of magic back into everyday life) and it has kept these feelings at bay for many decades. I have many cool projects, stories, adventures, etc. using fantasy and psychology to alleviate depression and I hope to share as many as possible with you. My deepest hope is that by visiting this site and my social media, it may help alleviate yours as well...even if it is the smallest bit. 

Welcome to my world....