My Ultimate Photography Bucket List

It is very important to me to put an ultimate bucket list somewhere in this website. Many of my favorite shots have come from posting bucket lists and having amazing people contact me whenever they happen to pass something that rings similar to my dream photos. I hope that the same holds here, and I also hope to find others that want to photograph and/or be part of the creative process. Should you happen to be either of those, even if it is an idea on how to make the shot the best it can be, I would love to here your feedback.

Eventually, I also plan to leave a space at the bottom to write about my completed bucket list items because, even though it is always good to focus on the path ahead, the accomplishments along the way are important as well. They will remind me of how far I’ve come, and keep me on the path to where I want to go.

  1. Holi (close up)
  2. Chinese lantern festival
  3. Indian wedding
  4. Three girls with three different colored long har
  5. The perfect raindrop (I’ve done this but I want to blow it up bigger)
  6. Artemis/Apoll – day/night (hold sun/moon)
  7. Three Graces (white fabric with background as white or with a sunny sky)
  8. Three Fates (black fabric with background as black or dark and cloudy)
  9. Lady of the Lake
  10. Woman’s dress as part of a tree or waterfall (Bowser)
  11. Oberan and Titania
  12. Girl washed up on a beach with ship burning in the background, possibly clutching broken piano keys
  13. Cinderella running form ball
  14. Merlin escaping with baby Arthur in the woods
  15. Sink or swim/meet a mermaid
  16. Antelope canyon
  17. Light keeper
  18. Mermaid
  19. Red shoes – puppet ballerina
  20. Romeo and Juliet – sleeping beauty
  21. (color) white and tan/silver/gray
  22. (color) green and blue
  23. (color) pink and lavender (Johanna Lindsey Devil May tame her cover)
  24. (color) blue and yellow (light keeper?)
  25. (color) brown and pink
  26. Gates of truth – Neverending Story
  27. Gilette’s Princess in Tower
  28. Warrior girl in cherry blossom tree by water
  29. Woman commanding the waves
  30. 12 dancing princesses
  31. Fairy court parade trough the woods
  32. Lady Shalott in a wooden boat
  33. Ophelia in historic clothing
  34. Photo using baby pool

Completed Bucket List Items:

1. Ophelia (in modern garb)

2. Beauty and the Beast 

3. Holi (but i would like to get close up shots)