The Reign of Shots

This page is dedicated to my top ten fine art photographs that I have created. You would think that it was my portfolio, but that is not necessarily true. In an effort to continually push myself to be better, this list will change whenever a photo is created that I think is better than my original top ten. So, in essence, they can be knocked out of the running. I am hoping to become so amazing someday that I knock out at least five of my original shots. Just to see the changes, I will also place the date next to the image as to when it entered the Reign of Shots. The date doesn't necessarily mean the day I shot it, it only refers to the day it made it in to my top ten photos. 

I hope that you enjoy this collection just as much as I have enjoyed creating them! 

Most of the photos will be available for purchase as prints, and whenever possible, as micro/macrostock. When they are available, I will supply the links right next to them should you take a fancy to them. ^_^

Stay tuned to see my Reign of Shots...coming soon!