Wedding Photography

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Why Choose Melissa Damon and MD Photo Studio?


Scheduling a Free Consultation

cara-1cara-1 Your wedding is a special day, and it is important to have the right photographer for it. Our team is dedicated to make sure that we make your special day as beautiful and stress free as possible. In order to make sure that our team is the right fit, we would love to first sit down with you for a free wedding consultation. Understanding your expectations and hearing your vision is an integral part to our work.


Our Style

We love to use a combination of portrait photography and photojournalism to document the most precious of moments on the big day. Although we love to pose our clients and listen to their ideas on which way they would like to pose for an ideal image, we find it an integral part of our profession to capture those moments that hold emotion in which the client had no clue we had taken until the time came when the pictures were handed over.

Our team has several members of both genders so that we can split up and make sure that we cover every special moment of your big day. Photographing a wedding is telling a story in our company and we want to make sure that we cover your story from beginning to end. That means that our team split to start and one photographer will go with each side of the wedding party. We stay in contact with one another and merge to give two different looks once we reach the alter (one photographer will take detailed photos near the front of the event while the other stays in the back and gets the entire wedding party with guests).



The Power of Choice is in Your Hands portfolio-4portfolio-4

At MD Photo Studio, we understand the changing of times and the ability for almost everyone to create beautifully hard bound books, slideshows, websites, canvases, enlargements and more from the comfort of their homes - and we embrace it. Once the edits for your session are complete, they are uploaded onto a password encrypted gallery for your immediate use. All of the photos that meets our standards of quality are placed within your gallery, and you do not need to pay extra for the rights to digital copies. You will have digital copies of every photo within your gallery and will also receive a permission slip from our company to post on social media, print, add to books, etc.   

Gone are the days of proof books and being stuck with enlargements that you would have never chosen. Gone are the days of having shoe boxes full of photos that you have no intention of using. You have the power over the pictures and can decide which ones go to print, and which ones stay on the disk for later use - or not at all. Should your photos ever get ruined, you can throw your photos on a disk or flash drive. Should your disk or flash drive ever get lost, we keep backups of all the final disks on file for five years after your wedding. 

Should you choose to have us do any/all of the printing work for you (enlargements, canvases, photo albums, etc.), we have an a la carte menu that you can choose from the gallery at any time. Just let us know the photos you would like printed, and we will gladly fill the order at your request. You can even give the gallery password to family should they choose to purchase prints as well. The choice is up to you.


The Engagement Session

Steph-Jen Eng-190Steph-Jen Eng-190 The engagement session is an integral part of the wedding process as it is a wonderful way to capture your story on film. It also create an atmosphere where we, as photographers, can discover on a more relaxing schedule how to best photograph you and gets you comfortable with our style before the big day. Many clients like to use the photos for their wedding announcements, save the dates, and decorations at the wedding. Sample of the photos will be available within a few days of your shoot and an online encrypted gallery that is password protected will be available as soon as the edits are complete. You can choose to print your own photos from the gallery or enlargements can be purchased separately for framing as well as "Save the Date" announcements can be made.

Photographing The Proposal


Please contact us if you are looking for a photographer to secretly shoot your wedding proposal. We have a multitude of lenses able to capture your perfect moment, while still remaining unseen. Contact Melissa at: [email protected] to tell me about your vision for your proposal and for more information.


Wedding Package 2020 - $1450.00 
(Wedding packages exceeding 170 guests slightly higher rate)

The Wedding Package includes:

- Initial meeting/consultation with the photographers to discuss your vision and details for the wedding 
- A complimentary Engagement session 
- Two Photographers for your event and one photographer at your engagement shoot

- Seven hours wedding coverage (On average, we take anywhere from 600 to 1000 photos of your wedding)

- Your digital images uploaded onto a password encrypted gallery as soon as the edits are complete
- An online preview Gallery with 12-18 images that are downloadable and have our logo on them for any and all social media sites that you would like to add them to.
- A note granting permission to printing companies so that you can make prints and enlargements of any and all photos in the gallery

-Wedding package can be broken into smaller payments between initial contract and deliver of photos upon request.  

Wedding Package Extras:

- Open Air Photo Booth- Includes 5 hours with attendant, props, all images available for your guests to download for free -$450

-Bridal portraits (before or after the wedding) - $150 

 A beautiful session dedicated to the beauty of the bride that can be completed either in the studio or on location.

- 8x12 Hardcover Photo Album - $450

-Post Wedding Photos (of Bride and Groom - separate and together) - $150

-This is a great add-on for couples with a really tight schedule on their wedding day and would like extra time after the grand event to have a photo session devoted completely to them without the hustle and bustle of time limits on limos and eagerly awaiting guests.

-Extra Hour Photography (for 2 Photographers)- $200 per hour

- 5x7 Soft Cover Photo Album- Great for Engagement or Bridal Session- $100 per book

- A la Carte Prints- Although all photos are part of the package to download without additional cost, there is optional prints and products that can be purchased on the gallery site.



We are more than happy to sit down with you for a free consultation to show you our unique wedding photography styles and to see if we are the perfect piece to your even more perfect day.



If you are interested, please feel free to contact us to set up an initial appointment at (860-857-1716/860-941-7163 or [email protected] / [email protected]), and/or ask us any questions that may come to mind.