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Bringing a Little Bit of Magic Back into Everyday Life


Since childhood, many of us have been taught that we must give up certain things in order to "grow up." If we continue to participate in those things, we are look down upon and even shunned. And yet, society is flocking in droves to the next Marvel, Witcher, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, etc. It is because we crave the adventure and excitement that accompanies using our imagination. 

BALBOMBIEL is about taking the little steps to breathe back the imagination and wonder into society. It is the real life "bridge of Terabithia" to help infuse the magic back into life. We will use history, culture, fairytales, myths, and so much more to assist in this endeavor. It is a hero's journey to reclaim your childlike wonder. 

We will start the journey soon and add more content.

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