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Mother knows best...

Marina is just an ordinary girl from McClusky, North Dakota. She has dreams of leaving the state and seeing the world, but her mother is deathly afraid of the water and won’t let her go near it.


It’s absolutely crazy! She has never been taught how to swim and is banned from entering any body of water other than the shower. That means no lakes, no pools, no rivers, no ditches, and especially…no oceans.

Naturally, this doesn’t stop Marina from doing the one thing she craves the most – to see the ocean. With help from her stepbrother, Marina and her best friend Jacinth secretly take a trip to Rhode Island while convincing Marina’s mother that they are in Arizona. She knows it is bad to go against her mother’s wishes, but a voice inside of her is constantly whispering that it is the one thing she must do before settling down in dreary North Dakota for the rest of her uneventful life.

Unfortunately, there is one problem: The closer she gets to the water, the more Marina begins to change.

Can she resist the call of the Atlantic Ocean, or will her family legacy keep her at bay?

Available on paperback and Kindle...
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