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The Spark

A sparkler is a firework that symbolizes celebration. A spark is usually the initial sequence to starting a fire. My spark this year is my resolution to find my ultimate purpose in this world. I know some things where I excel, and I know some things where I need more than my fair share

of work.

I want to take a journey, and I would like to invite you along for the ride. I’m going to embark on the hero’s quest and my goal is to find my purpose, as well as help others decrease their depression. I am a firm believer that using the magic of childhood imagination, along with setting goals that make your heart sing, can help make the world a better place to live in. This blog is my way of proving that it can be done.

Join me in an adventure. It is an adventure of love and discovery. I cannot promise that I will complete the journey, or where it will take us. Just let me know if you are here with me as the hero’s journey is usually not done alone. Together we can conquer doubt, anxiety, and fear.


Workbook – what are your strengths and weaknesses:

My strengths/passions: photography, writing, storytelling, mythology, nature, and creativity

My weaknesses/things I am not fond of: Brussel sprouts, consistency, polka, grammar, and organization  

What are my resolutions:

  1. Publish one book in 2024

  2. Work out 5 days a week for four weeks

  3. Take actions for my personal business 3 times a week for 3 months (submit articles, work on book, etc.)

  4. Complete a full year of the hero's journey as posts/blogs

What are your resolutions?

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